Pursue Growth Through Your MixoType Identity

Discover Yourself, Unlock Your Potential Make Meaningful Connections, & Become the Hero of Your Own Story.


The MixoType Company Presents:


MIXO is a mobile app designed to help you Visualize Your MixoType Identity within MINUTES so that you can discover your authentic self and build a life aligned with who you are at the core.

If you want to learn more about MIXO and how to discover your unique MixoType, please watch our short trailer below.

If you are interested in beta testing MIXO, please sign up below and we will send you a link to our application. Spots are limited, and access to beta is granted on a rolling basis, but everyone who signs up will receive first access to MIXO when it officially launches.

Welcome to the MixoCommunity!

The Mixo Story

“Mixo” is our name for those individuals who choose to courageously pursue meaningful lives by becoming the best versions of themselves. Mixos want to experience life to the fullest capacity, achieve greatness and leave a legacy of value for future generations. These are individuals that are curious, open-minded, and who strive to create a better tomorrow for both themselves and for humanity.

Mixos have passions, interests, and ideas they want to share with the world, but with those aspirations come many problems. Pursuing a meaningful life is challenging, as it requires you to discover yourself, activate your purpose, and tap into your full potential as a human being. Without an aligned sense of identity and personal meaning, you can feel lost, alone, and misunderstood, and you may lack the motivation, confidence, and drive to continue pursuing what you find meaningful in life.

Personal growth is difficult, especially in today’s world. Individuals who want to grow and develop themselves, but lack the time, knowledge, motivation, resources, and connections, need a starting point, and a personalized path in order to navigate their way forward. This process starts with knowing who you are and where you want to get to, the answers to which may be unknown in the moment and will inevitably evolve over time.


Personal growth is difficult, especially in today’s world. Individuals who are looking to grow and develop themselves, but lack the time, knowledge, energy, motivation, resources, and connections need a starting point and a personalized path to navigate their way forward through life.


The Mixo Mission

Our mission is to help growth-oriented individuals pursue meaningful lives through the lens of their unique identity. We are building a company, platform, community, and movement to help authentic people that want to grow together with others that are like-minded.


Our vision is to create a diverse community of creators and change agents that will impact the trajectory of the world while living their own lives to their fullest.


Visualizing Identity Through MixoType

Identity is a complex subject that is difficult to define objectively. Also, it is important to take into account today there are many evolving perceptions of what identity really is and means. Generally, identity can be defined as:

Your distinguishing sense of self, including the values, beliefs, skills, interests, and also include the unique biological and genetic characteristics that make you who you are. This includes the way you perceive yourself, the way others perceive you, and the attributes that define you objectively as an individual.

To make identity more accessible, we created a universal symbol to represent who you are at the core, which we call, “MixoType.” This four-celled icon represents your MixoType identity, which is a combination of: