Pursue Meaning Through Your Identity

What is MixoType?

MixoType is an online platform, a symbol for your identity, and a movement designed to inspire you and support growth-oriented individuals as they pursue meaningful lives within the context of their unique identities.

As a symbol for your identity, your MixoType represents your Heroes, Intelligences, Talents, & Collections.

As a movement, MixoType was designed to help you find yourself, unlock your potential, make meaningful connections, and become the hero of your own story.

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In 2021, we will be launching Mixo РThe Discovery Engine. Mixo is an Identity Matching App that helps you to Discover, Connect, Collaborate, and Work with Like-Minded people on exciting projects, services, and events as you grow your brand.

By participating in our beta testing, you will help us craft a better and more valuable experience not only for yourself but also for our community at large. In the future, we envision MixoType being a way to better relate and connect with others, and it will also help you align yourself publicly as part of our movement. If you are interested in participating in beta, please tap on the following button:

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