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What is Mixotype????

Mixotype is a people discovery engine powered by your persona. Our mobile matching application gives you a way to not MISS OUT on those potentially life-changing opportunities to connect with people that may be right in front of you.

What is Persona?

Persona is the outermost expression of who you are. It is the public image you present to the world. Mixotype makes your persona visible so that you can express yourself in a way that aligns with who you are at the core. Our all-visual self-assessment yields 20 Sextillion possible unique persona types, meaning that every person on Earth can have his or her own unique Mixotype.

Step 1

Discover Your Persona

To get started, you begin by taking our fast, easy, all-visual Self-Assessment to discover your Mixotype persona. Your Mixotype is a 4-celled icon that makes your persona visible to others. Each cell of your Mixotype represents a different part of your core identity, consisting of your Heroes, Intelligences, Talents, and Collections.


The inspirational figures who inspire you and define who you are at your core. Throughout our lives there are people that we admire and look up to. By better understanding your Heroes and their significance to who you are as an individual, we determine your core temperament as an individual.


This layer identifies how you perceive the world. Everyone sees the world in their own unique way, so naturally, some of your perceptions will be stronger than others. Understanding your perceptive abilities gives us a clearer picture of how you view the world.


Identify how you engage the world. Your talents are directly linked to your perception of the world. Understanding how you prefer to interact with the world helps us connect you with the most compatible people.


Determine the things you value most. Your collections are all the things you see as having the most worth and speak to who you are.


The Mixotype Badge

All of these come together to form your completed Mixotype Badge. This helps others discover and better relate to you. Mixotype allows every person on earth to have their own unique persona so that they can make the most meaningful connections.

Step 2

Sign Up & Create a FREE Profile

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Step 3

Discover & Connect Through Persona

We use your identity, our algorithm, and persona analytics to match you with the people and events most suited to you.