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Welcome to Mixotype

the people discovery app

Mixotype helps you to meet new people around you using the power

of persona compatibility. It’s like a new way to say “Hello.”

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What is Mixotype?

In today’s world, it’s really difficult meeting new people, especially when you don’t know what you may have in common with another person. You could be out and about in the city and you see someone interesting that you might like to talk to, but you’re afraid to get out of your comfort zone and strike up a conversation. Mixotype is a social icebreaking app that uses persona compatibility to empower you to discover and connect with the people you don’t know but should get to know.

Persona is the Spark that Powers Compatibility

You use your persona to express your values, beliefs, skills, & interests. By understanding others’ personas in relation to your own, it makes it easier to see beyond differences so you can meet new people.

Mixotype Is Easy To Use

Create Your Mixotype

Take our fast, easy, all-visual self-assessment to unlock your Mixotype persona badge.

Discover New People

Discover relevant people that you don’t know but should using our persona-matching technology .

Match & Connect

Engage with new connections as Mixotype helps you get out of your comfort zone and break the ice.