What is Mixotype?

In today’s world, it is really difficult meeting new people, especially when you don’t know what you may have in common with another person. You could be out and about in the city and you ese someone interesting that you might like to talk to, but you’re afraid to get out of your comfort zone and strike up a conversation. Mixotype is a social icebreaking app that uses persona compatibility to empower you to discover and connect with the people you don’t know but should get to know.

Persona is the Spark that Powers Compatibility

You use your persona to express your values, beliefs, skills, and interests. By understanding others’ personas in relation to your own, it makes it easier to see beyond differences so you can meet new people.

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Create Your Mixotype

Take our fast, easy, all-visual self-assessment to unlock your Mixotype persona badge.  Your Mixotype consists of four sections that examine different aspects of your identity to bring rise to your persona. These sections are your Heroes, Intelligences, Talents, and Collections.

Discover New People

Discover relevant people that you don’t know but should get to know using our persona-matching technology. These people are around you wherever you go, and you just have not taken the time to speak with them. Who knows what you may learn about other people when you open up to them?

Match & Connect

Engage with new connections as Mixotype helps you get out of your comfort zone and break the ice. Our socialization tools like Spark, MixoMatch, and Message help you to break past that comfort zone so that you can truly begin interacting with others.

Team Members

Numair Qureshi, Chief Executive Officer

Numair has a bachcelors in Psychology from Temple University, and he spent six years developing the Mixotype algorithm that connects people according to their personas.

Alex Weber, Chief Design Officer

Alex has a Masters in Architectural Design from Mass Art. Alex has designed the Mixotype graphical assets, and he has also helped shape the direction of the company through his compelling use of cutting-edge research.

Sean Hall, Chief Developer

Sean Hall is our Chief Developer, and he was also the first person to join the Mixotype team after Numair started the company. Sean has poured tremendous energy into designing the app.

Chief Strategy Officer

Zach is our Chief Strategy Officer, and he also has a Master’s in Architectural Design from MassArt. Zach helps with the business and strategic initiatives of Mixotype. He makes sure that we are aligning our company with changes in the tech landscape.

Content/Marketing Officer

Louis has a degree in Animation from Drexel University, and he has helped us tremendously with his content development strategies.

Lead Developer

Weng is a Registered Nurse, and he is also one of the original members of the Mixotype team. Weng has helped Sean tremendously in coding various aspects of the app and interface to ensure that the algorithm works correctly.

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