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Mixotype helps you to discover your persona so that you can connect with people all over the world through the platforms you already love in more meaningful ways.


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Mixotype Persona Assessment Theory

What is a persona, how does it differ from personality, and what does it say about me?

Hello, and Welcome to Mixotype, a social platform powered by your Persona. So, what is Persona? Well. . .Persona is the spark that draws certain people into your life the moment you meet them. In other words, it’s your personal chemistry. This is why we created Mixotype. Mixotype is a social badge that brings your persona front and center so that others can better identify who you are at the core. It consists of four cells: Heroes, Intelligences, Talents, and Collections. Each cell provides insights into different aspects of your persona.

Fun fact: The algorithm took six years to write!!!





In the first cell, you define your Heroes. These are the inspirational figures that you admire most, and have helped shape your own identity because they reflect your deepest values. Here, you pick four of the nine that relate to you the most, and you must choose them in order of their importance to you.




Heroes: Hero Temperament

After you have selected your heroes, you need to assign them a temperament. Think about it, everyone has a different temperament or mood. Some Leaders are more compassionate (Gandhi), while other leaders are more combative (Julius Caesar). It is important to choose a temperament for each hero you have chosen. We have chosen King/Queen, Warrior, Magician, and Lover because they serve as universal archetypes for reaching wholeness. Carl Jung, did extensive work on archetypes; furthermore, Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette wrote a book these archetypes called King Warrior Magician Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine, which goes over how aligning with these archetypes can lead to wholeness.


Now, some of you may be wondering how this deals with the Mature Feminine as well. There has also been extensive research done on female archetypes. As a matter of fact, you can read The Four Eternal Women: A study in Opposites, in which Toni Wolff, a Zurich analyst who work alongside Carl Jung, posits that there are four archetypes for female maturity:


  • – The Mother, an archetype of leadership and nurture
  • – The Amazon Woman, an archetype of female warriorhood
  • – The Medial, an archetype of female wisdom
  • – The Hetaira, an archetype of sexuality, love, eros, and compassion.


The reason why we have not gone with these four characteristics is because the terms King/Queen, Warrior, Magician, and Lover are far more simple to understand, and they convey the exact same meaning. To balance out the King archetype, we used Queen instead of Mother. The information is all still the same, though.


This made it easier for us to standardize Mixotype across the world while still respecting differences in gender.




  • – King/Queen: Someone who acts with leadership and vision.
  • – Warrior: Highly focused, ambitious, assertive, goal-oriented, and self-sufficient.
  • – Magician: Inspirational, imparts standards, values, ideals, and wisdom. The magician is a thinker.
  • – Lover: Compassionate, loving, sexual, charismatic, and charming.


You are able to choose the same temperament for all of your heroes, so the possibilities are virtually endless.

Hero + Temperament

Once you have chosen all four heroes, and you have assigned each of them a temperament, you will have created the first cell of your Mixotype. Look at the following diagram. In this example, you will see the ATHLETE in the center of the cell. This is because this was the first hero you chose. Mixotype is first and foremost concerned with primaries. So, all of your main cells will show your primary choices. Heroes 2, 3, and 4 are BEHIND the Athlete, and you will be able to see this expansion once you create your own Mixotype.




NOTICE the colored corners, though! Going from left to right, top to bottom, we have PURPLE, PURPLE, BLUE, RED. These colored corners represent the temperaments of the various heroes in your Mixotype cell. In this case:

  • – Hero 1: Athlete with a Purple Corner, with purple representing the temperament of a King/Queen
  • – Hero 2 also has a purple corner, representing the temperament of King/Queen
  • – Hero 3 has a blue corner, representing the temperament of a Magician.
  • – Hero 4 has a red corner, representing the temperament of a Warrior.



Next, you are shown nine different intelligences, and you are to choose four of them in order of the ones that are strongest for you. The intelligences are the primary lenses through which you perceive the world around you, and they are are based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multple Intelligences which posits that there are nine intelligences we are all born with, but that they are expressed in varied strengths. For example, the mathematical region of Einstein’s brain was said to have been larger than other areas of his brain, and that may have led to his mathematical prowess.


Here are the nine intelligences you choose from:




Definitions are provided as you take the persona test. It is important to note that each intelligence has its own distinct color, and that helps you shape your intelligence cell, the second cell in Mixotype.




In this case, you chose your primary intelligence to be Musical, and that is why it is in the center of your second cell. The COLOR of your Musical intelligence is reflected within the second Mixotype cell itself and on the FIRST corner (t0p left) of your second Mixotype Cell. Your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th intelligences are behind this intelligences, and the colors of those intelligences are reflected in their respective corners. When you take the actual persona test, you can click on your Mixotype to see an expanded view of your intelligences.


There has been a ton of studies done on talents, and we have found that your intelligences influence your talents, and this is what the 3rd cell focuses on. Here, you choose the skills and abilities that you best exhibit on a daily basis. The Mixotype Persona Assessment is dynamic, and it gives you different options based on previous choices; therefore, even if you personally do not find four talents here that reflect your abilities, do not worry because the actual Mixotype Persona Assessment will give you choices tailored to you. As an example, here are sixteen talents, of which you must choose your four strongest in order of importance.




Talents: Mind Modalities

Then, you need to assign a mind modality to the talents. This is similar to the temperaments assigned to the heroes. A mind modality, however, reflects on the four different parts of the brain that come together to create active consciousness. The four modalities are: Physical, Spiritual, Logical, and Creative.




Here, you take each of your talents from before and assign them a Physical, Spiritual, Logical, or Creative modality based on what each talent represents to you.


  • – Physical: A talent expressed physically.
  • – Spiritual: A talent dealing with the spirit.
  • – Logical: A talent requiring cognitive work.
  • – A talent requiring creative work.


Like before, you can choose the same Mental Modality for all talents, if you desire. For example, if you feel that all four of your talents require physical ability, go ahead and select them as such.


Here, we have a completed Talent cell, which makes up the Third cell of the Mixotype. The colored corners represent the Physical, Spiritual, Logical, and Creative mental modalities you assigned to each talent. Just like before, the third cell only shows your primary (most important) talent. The first colored corner represents the first talent, and so on.





Here, we see that the user selected creative four all four talents, hence all corners are orange.



The fourth, and final, cell of your Mixotype deals with your collections, where we take into account the things you own or collect, as these things speak greatly to who you are. One fantastic book that backs our findings is Sam Gosling’s Snoop: What your Stuff Says about YouThe idea here is that if we were to go into your room and look at the books you read, the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the posters hanging on your wall, and so on, we could get a great idea of the kind of person you are without ever having met you. We have standardized nine different types of collections, and they intersect with the themes demonstrated in the Heroes, Intelligences, and Talents sections. Here, like before, you choose your four strongest collections. Definitions are provided in the Mixotype Persona Assessment!!!





Collections: Space Modalities


Now, we assign a modality to the collections. Your talents were assigned mind modalities because they related to your intelligences. Collections are assigned space modalities because they are aligned with your physical surroundings; however, since the things you place in your physical surroundings are also projections of your mind, we will use the Physical, Spiritual, Logical, and Creative modalities from before. In this cell, however, they relate with how your mind projects itself into space to express itself.


Once again, feel free to assign whatever variation of the Physical, Spiritual, Logical, and Creative space modalities to your collections. For instance, you can choose Logical for the first two collections, Spiritual for the third, and Physical for the fourth.





Your Completed Mixotype

You went ahead and chose your four collections, and your primary ended up being Personal Items. For this, you chose the Spiritual (blue) space modality. Your second collection was deemed logical (yellow), your third collection was deemed spiritual (blue), and your fourth collection was deemed logical (yellow).




This completes your Mixotype. Taking the Mixotype Persona Assessment is free and easy; you don’t even have to sign up! But, if you want your results explained to you, that is when you need to create an account after taking the assessment. When you complete your Mixotype and create a profile, you will be given a unique breakdown of what your results mean to you.


Then, you will be able to access our flagship product, the social network, where you can interact with people either Socially, Professionally, or Romantically.









In the future, we want to empower other developers to develop apps and have them powered by Mixotype’s groundbreaking algorithm. Let Mixotype be your way to integrate your persona into the many apps and websites you love.



Once you have taken the Mixotype Persona Assessment, you can do some amazing things. You need to create a profile, and then you get to access tons of applications powered by your Mixotype. Maybe you want to integrate your persona into Tinder, or perhaps you want to power your Twitter feed by persona. In the future, we want to empower other developers to develop apps and have them powered by Mixotype’s groundbreaking algorithm. Let Mixotype be your way to integrate your persona into the many apps and websites you love. For now, we are going to give you the example of the social network.

The Social Network

Create a profile that showcases your Mixotype. Add your Name, age, location, a special link to an external website, and a tagline that expresses who you are.


Then go to the world feed to find people all over the world that match your persona to a percentage. The highest percent matches appear at the top. It does not matter how famous someone is, if there is a high match, you will see it. Here, Drake is a 98% match to Alex.


Alex decides to tap on Drake’s profile.


Alex likes Drake’s profile, so he decides to spark it. Notice the spark button is now red. Spark is similar to the like button, but it deals with person-to-person chemistry.


Alex is really curious as to how compatible he is with Drake, so he decides to MixoMatch with him. Now, he is able to see what drake chose at every single level, and he can compare Mixotypes. Looks like there is a 98% compatibility at the primary level, but there are different levels of compatibility when we examine the deeper layers of each person’s mixotype. You can view a full Mixotype analysis when you sign up and create an account.


Alex ditches drake, but he decides to message Numair instead.



Another feature we will incorporate is the MixoBadge, which enables you to share your Mixotype across other platforms. Let’s say Arel has a blog he wants to incorporate his Mixotype onto. He can copy his MixoBadge URL and paste it onto his website. Now, he will be able to track the personas of the users visiting his blog if they too have Mixotype accounts. If they don’t have a Mixotype account, they will be compelled to create one just so that they can compare their Mixotypes to Arel’s.




As Mixotype grows, we will add in more cross-platform features. For now, it is up to you to join our launch list so that you can be notified when Mixotype goes live.

Connect through Persona


Compare Your Persona



Mixotype is incredibly accurate. Even though it looks simple, there are billions of combinations available. This means that you can have very high degrees of relatability with others while still having your own unique Mixotype.

Here is a visual for how many permutations and combinations exist within each cell:


The Math

Here is the math for the Heroes Cell.




A similar kind of math follows the rest of the cells. Multiplying the number of combinations in all four categories together will give us 20 sextillion possible Mixotype combinations. That’s a 2 followed by 22 zeroes. This means that every single person on Earth can have a totally unique Mixotype.

774,144 X 3,024 X 11,182,080 X 774,144 = 20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

By creating a profile and interacting with compatible people from this population, you get to come together and form tribes.


By directing your content to your tribe, your message gets to hit critical mass.



Once your message hits critical mass, it can influence the world.




Mixotype is NOT Myers-Briggs

Mixotype is NOT Myers-Briggs. Even though Myers-Briggs is widely popular, it measures personality. Mixotype does not measure personality; rather, Mixotype measures persona.

Myers-Briggs is a Personality Type Indicator that has been around for a number of years, and its aim is to place people into one of the following sixteen personality types:



These sixteen personality types result from a 240 question questionnaire that gauges where you dominantly lie on the spectrum of Extraversion-Introversion, Sensing-Intuition, Thinking-Feeling, Judging-Perceiving. Though there may be some fascinating ideas that rise out of Myers-Briggs, it is definitely not our area of focus.


Mybers-Briggs deals with Personality.


Mixotype deals with Persona.


Personality is more fluid than persona, such that it can change depending on the situation that surrounds it; however, Persona is more static and foundational to your identity. In other words, personality stems from persona. The following graphic explores persona in greater detail.




Eventually, we may have a way to integrate your Mixotype results with Myers-Briggs results, but those Myers-Briggs results would have to come from a different platform that references our API.




Meet the lovely team that powers Mixotype. We come from all walks of life, and we have come together to change the world.

Philadelphia, PA
I do work in bringing people and technology together according to persona.
Sean Hall
Developer/Programmer/Web Designer
Philadelphia, PA
I specialize in databases, HTML, CSS, Java, iOS, and Android Programming
Weng Fei Fung
Developer/Programmer/Web Designer
San Francisco, California
I specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, HTML, CSS, Java, Web Frameorks, JSON, and other languages.
Alex Weber
UI/UX Designer
Falmouth, Boston
I am an architect whose specialty is creating the Web Architecture that powers Mixotype, and I also do the Research that goes into platform design.
Zachariah Pretzman
Allston, Boston, Massachusetts
I am an architectural designer in charge of the business strategy behind Mixotype. I do the research to make sure that we make sound financial decisions with what we create.
Syed Fehr
Investments Advisor
Philadelphia, PA
I have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and I am in charge of bringing together investments for Mixotype. I have used my connections to help raise seed money.
Louis Peng
Animations & Marketing
West Chester, PA