Pursuing Individuation in the 21st Century

Mixotype is a movement that focuses on empowering individuals to pursue their full potential using a guided system of self-discovery and interpersonal interaction. 

The Mixotype Individuation Model

“The process of an individual’s psychological development that leads to the conscious awareness of one’s wholeness.” – Murray Stein

Mixotype Individuation Model

Self-Discovery is the process of finding and knowing yourself so that you can make sense of your identity.

Identity is who you are at the core and is what makes you unique.

Interpersonal Interaction helps you meet people who align with your identity so you can become the best version of yourself.

Challenges with Individuation

  • Self-discovery forces you to acknowledge your existing self in order to pursue your aspirational self. Understanding your core identity helps you to begin this process.
  • If you’re unsure of who you are, it can be difficult to progress towards individuation because you won’t know how to build a lifestyle in alignment with your identity.
  • Many find interpersonal interaction to be intimidating because of various societal influences and social inhibitions, but the most impactful and significant interactions happen in-person.  

Overcoming these obstacles is imperative to moving through the individuation process.

The Individuation Experience

Mixotype has recontextualized individuation theory for the 21st century. The world has changed tremendously since the millennium and individuation must take into account societal evolution and the effects technology has had on identity and interpersonal relationships. The diagram below describes the individuation experience.

1. Discovery: Fully understanding your core identity and the process of individuation.

2. Learn: Increasing awareness both of yourself and your interactions with others.

3. Apply: Applying what you’ve learned through awareness to self-discovery and interpersonal interaction.

4. Synergize: Reaching a state where your mindset and behaviors reflect who you aspire to be.

5. Repeat: Your aspirational self has become your existing self and you can perpetuate the individuation process.

Individuation is a process of constant evolution, not a fixed state of being.

Your Mixotype

When you don’t clearly understand who you are at your core, it can be hard to know how to live your life in alignment with your identity. When your identity is unclear to others, they don’t know how to best interact with you. Our solution is to make who you are both visible and easy to understand by graphically representing your core identity. We call this symbol your Mixotype. You define your Mixotype by taking our all-visual self-assessment, where you identify the Heroes, Intelligences, Talents, and Collections that best represent you.

The Mixotype Ecosystem

In order to help you individuate, we are creating an ecosystem of products to support you on your journey. Our ecosystem of products will include:

  • Educational Guides that give you greater insight into the social psychology of individuation.
  • Participatory Content that helps you learn from other individuated individuals.
  • Merchandise you can wear/use  in public to express alignment with the movement.
  • Programs in the form of exercises, challenges, workshops, meetups, and events that are centered around Self-Discovery and Interpersonal Interaction.
  • The Mixotype App will help transform your physical world into a social laboratory with social tools for you to make new connections with people so you can pursue your full potential.

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